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Custom Falconboard Signs


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About Our Falconboards


Falconboard signs are a durable interior sign that can be used for a variety of purposes. Typical uses or applications include point of purchase displays, retail graphics and exhibits, mounting, tradeshows, presentations, and other interior uses. Falconboard is 1/2” thick and consists of a white paper face, honeycomb interior fluting and is environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable. Lightweight, easy to carry and install, and sharp printing make these signs ideal for temporary indoor uses where budget and green signs are considerations.

Installation & Care

Installation: Falconboard signs can be cut to shape and used to construct a variety of displays and graphic exhibits. Alternatively they can also be placed on easels, attached to rigid surfaces or even hung using a variety of methods including bungee cords, zip ties, string or rope. Please ensure to selected “Drilled Holes” if you intend on hanging or mounting your sign to a rigid surface.


Care: Falconboard signs are for interior use only. Avoid exposing these signs to the elements as well as getting them wet in any way. While extremely durable, care should be used during construction and takedown of exhibits and displays. These signs are perfect for temporary use and shouldn’t need any specific care nor maintenance beyond what is already detailed.


Falconboard Highlights

Weight: .19lbs per square foot (about the weight of 19 Quarters)

Thickness: .5” thick (about the thickness of 127 sheets of copy paper)


White paper face, honeycomb core, 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly, rigid, durable.

Uses: Tradeshow displays, retail graphics and displays, point of purchase marketing and displays, presentations, mounting, cardboard cutouts

Print Method: Four color process, eco-friendly, weather, fade and abrasion resistant UV ink

Estimated Lifespan: 1+ years with proper placement and care

Common Sizes: 12"x12", 24"x12", 2'x2', 4'x4', 3'x5'’, or any custom size

Falconboard Options

  • Cut
  • Printed Sides

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Frequently Asked Questions



Product Specs

  • What is Falconboard?
  • Falconboard signs are a rigid, paper-based sign used for interior purposes. Falconboard is made with a natural- colored honeycomb flute sandwiched between two thin pieces of cardboard. Falconboard is much stronger than regular corrugated cardboard because of the honeycomb interior. Its lightness makes it ideal for hanging or mounting. It is also 100% recyclable and made from renewable forest resources, making it ideal for environmentally-conscious projects.
  • If it’s paper-based is it actually durable/rigid?
  • Yes! Falconboard is perfect for temporary or semi-permanent displays and signs due to it’s excellent durability. This is in large part due to it’s thickness (1/2”) as well as the honeycomb fluting as described in more detail below.
  • What is honeycomb fluting/core/interior?
  • Falconboard is made of two thin pieces of cardboard held together by a honeycomb interior flute. The honeycomb flutes are an interior structure that create a stronger material that isn’t as prone to bending as regular cardboard, which is made up of vertical flutes. When cut, the honeycomb flutes also create cleaner lines for a more visually appealing look.
  • If it’s paper-based does that mean I’m printing on the equivalent of a cardboard box? What kind of finish does it have?
  • Absolutely not. While Falconboard signs are wholly paper based and have a durable core as described above, the outer face of both sides of your sign consist of a smooth white paper face. We then print your design directly onto this smooth white face to achieve extremely clear and crisply printed (but not glossy) signage.
  • Can I print double-sided Falconboard signs?
  • Yes. Falconboard signs can be printed both single and double sided. Simply select the “Double Sided” option on either the design tool or shopping cart page on our website. If the backside of the sign requires a different image or file than the front side please email this to us post-purchase. Please also note this in the “Customer Comments” field on the checkout page before checking out.
  • Can these signs be cut to shape?
  • Yes. We are able to cut your Falconboard signs exactly to any shape you may want. This option is called “Contour Cut” and can be selected while designing your sign on our design tool. We’re also able to help create files with cut lines when requested through our free design services. The sturdy honeycomb flutes of Falconboard enable precise cuts, creating a clean edge to the sign. Creating custom-shaped Falconboard signs are what allow them to be used in the stunning displays and exhibits often seen in retail and trade shows. However, very small intricate cuts may not turn out as expected and should be avoided.
  • How does Falconboard differ from corrugated plastic or foamboard signs?
  • Corrugated plastic yard signs are perhaps the most affordable and ubiquitous of these three types of signs. They are perfect for the very short term outdoor use but are solely intended for temporary use. Foam board meanwhile offers an interior temporary signage solution that is thicker and more durable than a standard corrugated plastic lawn sign. Foam board signs are great for presentations and other point of purchase and retail solutions. Falconboard is also for interior use only but is both more rigid and durable than both yard signs and foamboard signs. It’s superior thickness, rigidity doesn’t compromise its ease of use or its lightweight nature and offers the best interior sign for semi-permanent and display/exhibit use. Simply put, think of it as a more rigid and durable foam board sign that is arguably more versatile as well.
  • Can I use it outside? Will the exposure to sun or the elements ruin my decal?
  • No. Falconboard signs are intended for interior use only. Any exposure to wet elements can permanently ruin your signs. Further, if posted outside high winds can also damage the signs. Likewise, signs posted or used indoors should not get wet.
  • What is the lifespan of your Falconboard signs?
  • Falconboard signs are made to last 1+ years with correct installation and storage. To increase the lifespan of your sign, install it securely following the installation instructions above. Be sure to keep your sign clean and away from water. Store your sign in a flat, dry location for increased longevity.
  • Are Falconboard signs truly environmentally friendly?
  • Yes! Falconboard is made from SFI certified materials. The Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) is the world’s largest forest certification standard. This certification indicates that the materials used are environmentally in its efforts to protect and maintain forests and all wildlife living therein. It is also manufactured using zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and are 100% recyclable after you are done using them.
  • How small or big can my signs be?
  • Your signs must be larger than 6”x6” and smaller than 75”x34”. We can create any custom size sign in between these two extremes.
  • What if my Falconboard signs have more than 2 colors? Will it cost more?
  • No. We print all of our signs in full color. Thus, no matter how many colors your sign(s) may have your cost will not go up. Your cost will be determined by the size and quantity of your sign(s), the options selected as well as applicable taxes and/or shipping.
  • Do I have to use one of your templates for my custom signs?
  • No. We have a wide range of templates available for you to use or start your design with. Alternatively, you can contact us to take advantage of our free designs services to create the sign you have in mind or simply upload your file(s) to our design tool to create your custom Falconboard signs.
  • Are Falconboard signs heat resistant?
  • Yes. Falconboard signs are resistant to 300° Fahrenheit.
  • Will my sign have a laminate finish covering the printed portion of the sign?
  • No. does not laminate Falconboard. The final print will have a flat matte finish. Falconboard is printed using UV technology, which prevents the signs from fading and reduces overall damage. Although not offered on the website, we can laminate Falconboard signs. Doing so requires a custom quote and can take up to two weeks to produce. Contact us for more information about custom orders.


  • Can I build (three-dimensional) exhibits and displays using Falconboard signs?
  • You bet! Falconboard is often used in three-dimensional displays because of its durability and lightweight nature. It also is relatively inexpensive when compared to other materials used for the same purpose. Falconboard can be cut to shape to create visually interesting designs. It can also be “scored” so that it is easily foldable for creating retail displays. While does not offer hardware or installation services for three-dimensional displays, we are happy to print and cut the Falconboard to your exact specifications. Take advantage of our free design services or contact us for more information about using Falconboard three-dimensional displays.
  • Are my displays/exhibits able to sustain heavy objects?
  • Yes, to an extent. Falconboard is a leading choice for retailers when creating retail displays because of it’s ability to hold objects up to 7 lbs (per square inch). Displaying lightweight items like clothing or jewelry on Falconboard is a great option. Heavier items like a stack of cable-knit sweaters or jeans can damage the Falconboard, causing it to bow or bend.
  • Can I mount the Falconboard signs to a rigid surface?
  • Yes. In most cases Falconboard signs are used for displays and exhibits but they also can be adhered to rigid surfaces. In most cases this will require selecting the “Drilled Holes” option. A simple bolt and washer should then attach it, depending on the type of surface. Similarly, one could use adhesive to attach these lightweight signs to a rigid surface. Though this would obviously prevent them from being used repeatedly and we not provide any adhesive material or accessories for this type of hanging.

    The last option is to hang the signs. This would also require selecting “Drilled Holes” and then using some kind of zip tie, bungee cord, rope, string or other accessory to hang the sign. We do not provide any of these accessories at the current time.

  • Will my custom Falconboard signs fade, dent, warp or scratch?
  • Your Falconboard signs are printed with ink that is designed to resist both scratching and fading. Save for intentional efforts to scratch the ink your signs should remain clear and vibrant for the lifetime of its temporary use.

    Falconboard should not warp under normal use. If used in exterior or wet conditions they may warp though this would be fall outside the normal and accepted use of these signs.

    While we can’t promise that the signs will never dent we can say that these signs are very durable. Again, within normal use and assuming no intentional efforts to bend or dent these signs they should not bend or dent.

  • What are the typical uses for Falconboard signage?
  • Falconboard is extremely versatile and can be used in a variety of ways. It is most often used as an interior signage option in retail stores commonly used to create point-of-purchase displays in retail settings, kiosks, and exhibits. It is likewise often used at trade shows as part of professional signage displays.
  • Can I reuse my signs?
  • Yes. These signs are durable and can be used on more than one occasion. Simply store them as per the instructions below and you should have no problem using these signs again and again.

Installation & Care

  • How do I install my Falconboard sign?
  • Falconboard can be mounted to a wall with screws and washers, or hung from the ceiling using hooks and clear thread.

    For short-term use, bungee, ropes, or cords can be used for installation. However suspending the sign between two bungee cords or pulling it tightly with ropes can put undue stress on the sign, making it more susceptible to bending and/or breaking. Hanging the sign or securing it safely to the wall will increase the lifespan of the sign.

  • Does installation or display setup require more than one person?
  • Depending on the size of your Falconboard, installation may require more than one person. However, because of the type of material and structure of the product, these signs are relatively light for their size and thickness.
  • How do I store my Falconboard signs?
  • Store your Falconboard signs flat in a dry area. Although Falconboard is fairly strong, do not place anything on top of your signs in order to prevent any potential damage. Corners of Falconboard are most easily damaged, so be sure to protect the corners from bumping or dropping.

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