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Custom Floor Decals


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About Our Floor Decals


High Adhesive Decal
High Adhesive Decal

Give your retail store or business location a professional look by creating and installing our custom vinyl floor decals and graphics. These floor decals are 3.5 mil thick so as to be durable enough for foot traffic yet not be a nuisance to your customers. Additionally, our decals are skid proof meaning they won’t cause your customers to slip or fall. These floor graphics can last up to 3-5 years with proper care and are perfect for in-store promotions and sales, directional needs, manufacturing facilities and much more.

Installation & Care

Installation: To properly install your floor decal you need to first clean the surface upon which it will be installed. The decals are intended to be used on smooth surfaces. Sweeping and mopping or cleaning with water is recommended before installing. After the surface has completely dried then remove the backing and carefully lay the decal in the desired location. The decals are removable at first but once firmly pressed onto the surface will not be able to be repositioned. Removal is also easy. Your decal should come cleanly off of most smooth surfaces for up to one year after application.

Care: Your floor decal will come with a laminate covering to increase durability. The laminate will also protect it from grime and dirt and keep it looking great no matter where you put it. Nonetheless, on occasion if it needs cleaning then a wet cloth or even a little very mild dish detergent can be used to clean the surface. Harsh or powerful cleaning chemicals and spray guns should not be used on the graphics.

Floor Decal Highlights

Weight: .14lbs per square foot (about the weight of 14 quarters)

Details: 3.5mil calendared vinyl, flexible, solvent ink printing, laminate covered. Color and finish is matte white. Comes with a thick 90# liner which is easily removable at application.

Uses: Interior only. In-store business and sales promotion, tradeshows, fairs, directional signage, manufacturing settings, shopping centers and malls, arenas

Print Method: Four color process, weather, fade and abrasion resistant solvent ink

Estimated Lifespan: Film is designed for durability and removability up to 180 days after installation with proper placement and care

Common Sizes: 6"x6", 12"x12", 24"x24", 36"x36", measure to cut

Floor Decal Options

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Frequently Asked Questions



Product Specs

  • What are your floor decals made out of?
  • Our custom floor decals are made out of a thin adhesive vinyl. This vinyl material has proved to be a durable yet aesthetically pleasing option for floor signage.
  • How thick are the decals? Do you offer different thicknesses?
  • The floor decals are 3.5 mil thick which is about .0035 inches. We do not currently offer alternative thickness options for our custom floor decals.
  • Are floor decals the same thing as floor graphics or floor stickers?
  • Our custom floor decals are an adhesive vinyl that can be applied to most floor surfaces. They are similar to a sticker which uses a sticky or adhesive backing to stick to the desired surface. Although, the term “floor sticker” isn’t as common within the signage industry. The more common terms are “floor decals” or “floor graphics”. It is important to note that these custom floor graphics are semi-permanent and designed for one time use. They are not intended to be applied and then removed or repositioned once the adhesive sets in. Doing so will ruin the decal and make it unusable.
  • Are your floor decals covered with a laminate?
  • Yes, our custom decals come standard with a gloss laminate covering. This helps protect the decal itself from damage and dirt and grime. The laminate, along with regular care and maintenance, should help keep the printed decal looking clear and bright.
  • Can my custom floor decal be cut to shape?
  • Yes, our custom decals can be cut to any shape you might want. There are two options for cutting your decal to shape. Contour cut will mean that your design is cut exactly to the shape of your design with no border. Alternatively, selecting halo cut during the design process will mean that there will be a small border left around the perimeter of the cut decal. We recommend avoiding cuting decals that are too narrow or skinny in any one place so as to ensure they aren’t damaged when cut or when placed on the floor. A cut that produces portions of a decal that are too narrow may be susceptible to tearing when in use. If this occurs, our quality assurance team may call you to determine a safe way to cut your graphic.
  • What is the minimum and maximum size of the decal?
  • The smallest your floor decal can be is 4”x4”. Any smaller than a 4”x4” will result in print clarity that is less than ideal due to the standard printing of our industrial printers. The maximum dimensions of our floor decals is 50” by 240” in either direction. Assuming you keep one dimension under 50” then your second dimension shouldn’t be a problem as the maximum equivalent is 20 feet long!
  • Are there standard sizes of your decals?
  • You can customize your floor decal to whatever size you may need but we also offer the following standard sizes: 6"x6", 12"x12", 24"x24", 36"x36".
  • Will a 4 color decal cost more than one or two colors?
  • While some companies offer a cheaper price for printing in only one or two colors we believe that this really limits your ability to design a sign that will look good. Thus, we print all of our signs in full four color process. Thus, regardless of your design and the number of colors it requires it will not increase your price. The only time color will affect your price is if you request a color match with a Pantone color. If you need to color match please contact us to discuss pricing and the process.
  • Are the floor decals 3D? Do you offer 3D floor decals?
  • While there are a lot of amazing 3D floor decals out there we don’t currently offer any 3D floor graphics. Our decals are two dimensional and are simply applied to the flooring surface. Of course, you can create a 3D look with your graphic which will come out looking great.
  • What is the color of the default material?
  • The default material of our floor decals is white. Similar to how most graphics are printed, any white in your graphic will utilize the white of the material instead of a white ink.


  • Are the decals intended for interior or exterior use? Are they weather resistant?
  • Our custom floor decals are intended for interior use only. Using the decals outside may damage the product or result in the product wearing at an accelerated speed. They are not weather resistant because they are not intended for outside use.
  • What is the lifespan of the decals?
  • Assuming the decals are placed and used only for interior use, they can last for as long as 3-5 years with proper care and maintenance. However, we typically recommend replacing the graphics from the floor within a year of installation.
  • Will the printed portion of the decal fade?
  • No, not only will the laminate covering protect your custom printed floor decal but we also print with fade and abrasion resistant ink.
  • Are they slick? Are they going to cause my customers to slip and fall?
  • Our floor decals, notwithstanding the laminate covering, are non-slick and non-slip. Rest assured that you can place them in high traffic areas and not be concerned about your customers or clients slipping when walking on them. The caveat is any wet surface. Like any other surface that is wet, there is no guarantee that the decals will not be slick when wet. Because we are not installing these decals, we will not be held liable for injuries or damages from a slip and fall accident.
  • Will the decal ruin the surface of the floor or the flooring itself?
  • Our decals should not damage the surface where they are applied. The only potential difficulty is the removal of long standing decals. Decals that have been in place for an extended period (greater than one year) can prove more difficult to remove. We recommend a sharp edge that won’t cut or scratch the flooring surface but that can act as a tool to help peel the decal away from the floor. A mild cleaner and rag or brush of some sort may be needed to help remove residual adhesives.
  • What types of flooring can the floor decals be used on?
  • Any smooth non-porous interior floor surface can be used for our floor decals. Surfaces such as rough concrete, dirty or stained (oil, chemicals), wet, etc. may not allow the decal’s adhesive properties to work properly. Ensure that the surface where you are applying your decal is the smooth, clean and dry before applying.
  • What are the typical uses of your custom floor decals?
  • Custom floor decals have a wide variety of uses depending on the industry. In most cases they are used as a way to promote an in-store sale or promotion. Another common use for floor decals in different settings (retail, conferences, schools, etc.) is directional usage. Whether there is one with an arrow or an actual path to follow these decals work great for moving people through unfamiliar locations while advertising the product, sale, or event. Shopping malls often use them for both directional purposes and to drive foot traffic into store locations. Safety and regulation floor decals are almost always seen in manufacturing and warehouse settings. Another common use of the decals by individuals is for receptions and weddings. They are often used to display a monogram, the names of the wedding couple and more to complete the wedding decorations.

Installation & Care

  • How do I install my floor decals?
  • Installation of your decals first requires a clean and dry surface. Once you’ve cleaned the surface and let it air dry you are ready to install the decal. For larger decals we recommend using two people to install the graphic. This will help prevent the decal from sticking to itself during installation.

    To install the decal simply remove the backing protecting the adhesive and apply the graphic to the floor. It is recommended that you slowly apply the decal from one edge and work in the same direction. Apply the decal slowly and ensure that no air bubbles or pockets remain. If there are air bubbles carefully pull the decal up and reapply before continuing with the installation. If you do create some air bubbles, they can be removed with a very tiny puncture where the bubble exists. After the puncture, slowly press the air from the bubble out. We only recommend this when the air bubble or pocket is discovered after applying and it is impossible or not sensible to remove the entire decal to smooth it out.

  • Does installation require more than one person?
  • Large decals should be installed with more than one person. This helps ensure that the decal’s adhesive side doesn’t stick to itself during installation. Installation for smaller decals can be done by one person.
  • How do I remove my floor decal? Will it leave behind a sticky mess?
  • Generally speaking, the removal of decals should not leave behind a mess nor be difficult to remove. As noted above, decals that have been in place for longer than a year or exposed to more extreme temperatures can prove difficult to remove. In either case the decals can be removed by slowly pulling the decal away from the surface. Residual adhesive can be removed with cleaner and a brush or rag.
  • How do I wash my floor decals?
  • The laminate covering that comes with the decal should keep your decal clean and vibrant. Nonetheless, regular light cleaning with a mild detergent and wet rag or cloth will help keep the decal looking great. Avoid power washers and floor buffers when cleaning your floors/decals.
  • How do I store my floor decals?
  • The floor decals are intended for one-time use only. Thus, when applying your decal be certain that you are putting it in the correct place. Removing the decal causes stretching and damage to the graphic.

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