Custom Vinyl Banners
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smile32.png Make your own sign with the most versatile option in signage, our durable, weather-resistant custom vinyl banners are great for outdoor or indoor use. Design your own banner by adding graphics to promote your event, celebrate a birthday or anniversary, or announce the launch of your new business. Our custom printed banners are made from 13 oz., 100% polyester with a weft inserted knit. This means that there’s an internal fabric that makes them stronger and able to endure all types of weather. It's the same material that most billboards are made out of. Our banners have a tensile strength of 153 lbs x 149 lbs, a tear resistance of 67 lbs x 64 lbs, a temperature resistance of -22F to 180F, and have passed the California State Fire Marshal, NFPA 701 Flame Test.


Installation: Banners are one of the easiest signage applications to install. Use cords, strings or bungees to attach the corner grommets to a stationary object, such as poles. You can also use screws and washers to install your banners to rigid backgrounds such as wood or concrete, or you can use zip ties or string to fasten them to fences or between posts.

Care: To care for your custom banners, regularly clean them with warm water and allow them to air dry before storing. To easily store your banners, roll them up and keep them in a dry area at room temperature. Any wrinkles in your banners should come out within a couple of hours in the sun or heat.

Weight: .09lbs per square foot (about the weight of 9 quarters)

Thickness: .0156" (about the thickness of 4 sheets of copy paper)

Details: 13 oz vinyl, reinforced scrim, durable, inexpensive, water resistant, multi-use

Uses: Indoor/Outdoor. Business and sale promotion, tradeshows, fairs, welcome home, happy birthday, other personal uses

Print Method: Four color process, eco-friendly, weather, fade and abrasion resistant UV ink.

Estimated Lifespan: 3+ years with proper placement and care.

Common Sizes:2'x4', 3'x 5', 3'x 6', 3'x 8', or any custom size

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Informational Videos

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Frequently Asked Questions

Product Specs:

Do I have to use one of your templates for my vinyl banner?

  • While we have created templates for you to use as a starting point,  if you don’t want to use them and would like to design your own banner, you have three additional options. First, you can choose the blank template and start designing from scratch on our design tool. Second, you can upload your own files to make a banner. Lastly, you can contact us and have us design something for you.
  • What thickness are your banners? Do you offer other options?

  • Our standard banners are made of 13 oz vinyl. In our experience our 13oz vinyl is sufficient for nearly all uses and situations. The 13oz vinyl used for our banners is the same material that is used for most outdoor billboards. Thus, they are extremely durable and look great. If you’d like to order a different thickness of vinyl banner please contact us for a custom quote.
  • Do you print double sided banners?

  • Yes, we can print double sided banners. Though this requires a custom quote. We print our double sided banners on 18 oz vinyl so that you can’t see through to the other side in bright light. Prior to filling out a custom quote, please note that it is often cheaper to print two single sided banners and hang them back to back. This is just as effective for most cases and typically more affordable. Click here to request a custom quote.
  • Do you print in one color or full color? Does full color cost more?

  • All of our banners are printed in full color with UV ink. If you only need one color, that’s great too. Printing in full or one color does not affect the cost of your banner. Additionally, the amount and design of text or images does not affect the price of your custom made banner. If you need help with your design, we offer free design services.
  • What are the minimum and maximum banner dimensions ?

    Technically we don’t allow banners to be smaller than 6”x6” but we would recommend that you don’t print any banner smaller than 24”x12”. If you need something smaller than that we would recommend one of the many other types of signs we offer.

    The maximum size of our banners is 120”x1980” (10’x165’). As long as one of your dimensions is under twelve feet then you can virtually print any size you want.

    If you need a banner larger than that, we can create one for you. Just call us and give us the details.

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