Why should you invest in Signage Instead ?

  • By Jacob 
  • on Aug 7th 2015  
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Why should you invest in signage instead of other media? Let’s take a look at the top ten fast answers to that question.

10. Signs produce foot traffic for your business

9. Signs work for you 24/7 without asking for a raise (particularly electrical signs like channel letters)

8. Signage produces new customers for your business

7. Signage decreases your sales time and expense by providing an ongoing supply of new business prospects

6. Signage creates continuous brand impressions

5. Signage selects qualified prospects by stating what product or service is sold

4. Signage increases the number of impulse purchases

3. Signage continually informs and reminds passerby traffic (both auto and pedestrian) of the existence of a business

2. Signage creates a visual handshake with your customer’s other branded marketing programs (channel letter logo boxes excel for this purpose)

And the number one most important reason why your customer should invest in signage:

1. Signage increases the revenues of a business

The other reasons all seem to tie in to #1. Signs pay for themselves through higher revenue, and typically more quickly than other media. So when your going to spend your budget on a radio program rather than additional signage, remember them of the “top 10” signage reasons.